New American Dream: Alternative Gift Registry Website Enhancements

New American Dream: Alternative Gift Registry Website Enhancements

The Center for a New American Dream's Alternative Gift Registry makes it easy to register for environmentally-friendly, second-hand, non-material, or homemade gifts. We made several enhancements to this existing website to promote its mission of encouraging green celebrations and alternative gifting. 

We extended the registry to cover a wider range of special occasions. We beefed up the website content, adding more resources and links to websites and books about green and alternative celebrations. We also updated the list of gift ideas, greatly expanding it to spark the gift-giving creativity of website visitors.

In addition, we streamlined parts of the site layout and navigation. As a result, the website tells a more compelling story about green gifting and celebrations, and it is easier for website visitors to locate the information they seek.

We also wanted to encourage Alternative Gift Registry users to support the Center for a New American Dream. To this end, we added donation links and gave the links a greater presence on the website. Furthermore, in the registry itself, we created a wish list for the organization. This wish list includes requests for specific in-kind donations, volunteer tasks, and financial gifts.

We used our PHP/MySQL expertise to make improvements under the hood, too. Our improvements to the database allowed for more efficient data storage and less duplication. We also updated the gift registry administration tools to support the new enhancements.

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