Diabetes Society: Website Conversion to Drupal

Diabetes Society: Website Conversion to Drupal

The Diabetes Society had two needs that weren't being met by their existing static website. They wanted to provide fresh and timely information more frequently, and they wanted program staff to add news and events without requiring assistance from the IT staff. To help the Diabetes Society achieve these goals, we converted their existing site to Drupal and gave them the training they needed to start managing their own content. 

The new website uses RSS feeds to display up-to-date information about diabetes research news, as well as new Diabetes Society volunteer opportunities on VolunteerMatch. The website also integrates with Google Calendar to display listings of upcoming classes, conferences, support group meetings, and fundraising events.

We also introduced a small number of high-impact changes to their website layout. The new layout features diabetes education, fundraising, membership, and volunteer opportunities more prominently. The layout also makes it much easier for website visitors to find information about the organization and its people.

To ensure their ongoing productivity and success after the website's launch, we provided documentation and training for both the program staff and IT staff. Training sessions were tailored to the specific audience, the organization's overall goals, and the website's custom features.

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